"Beings learn from their environment. Their body manages to become a specialist and mutates into a more capable one".

Theory of “descent with modification”.

In the same way, organizations adapt to their environment, and evolve to ensure their future. Today, the need to adapt grows with the speed of disruptions and new urgencies, and what ensured success in the past is no longer enough to guarantee survival.

That is why MANUIA was born. To help, accompany and manage to go through these transformations and disruptions. To put the E of strategy, and the E of execution, next to ESG.

To maximize the generation of prosperity of Manuia.


  • Strategic diagnosis of environment, risks and disruptions, contrasting with local and global reality


  • Incorporation of ESG in Strategy and business model
    - Articulation of corporate purpose and strategy
    - Definition of baselines and short and long term objectives
    - Redefinition of the business model and value proposition
    - Articulation of corporate and functional level strategies and plans

    Accompaniment to ensure Execution
    - Redesign and implementation of cultural change
    - Support in metrics design, execution and management of strategic and tactical initiatives.

  • Keynote presentations for boards of directors and senior management

  • Workshops and seminars

  • Talks for customers, suppliers, communities and other stakeholders

  • Research

  • Environmental impact measurement

  • Articulation of the value chain for "closing the cycle" of materials, implementation of the REP Law and  impacts reduction 

  • Analysis of comparative environmental regulations and elaboration of public policy proposals

  • Implementation of Circular Economy and Zero Waste initiatives through TriCiclos


  • Strategy
  • ESG
  • Execution
  • Purpose
  • Strategy and Business Models
  • Environmental impact (climate, water, energy, GHG)
  • Resources / Waste
  • Regulation and global / local commitments
  • Stakeholder analysis, mapping and management
  • Alineamiento Organizacional
  • Cambio Cultural
  • Modelos de Gestión
  • Strategic Implementation / Execution
  • Design of management dashboards


Two paths, one purpose

We come from two complementary paths. From TriCiclos and Sistema B, and from business practice in leading companies.
TriCiclos’ experience has led us to accompany the global trend in circular economy from privileged spaces in the World Economic Forum, together with William McDonough, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, PACE, Scale360, UNIDO, among others. The business experience allowed us to add the lessons learned from leading circular transformations for several countries in the region.

On the one hand, we actively participated in the evolution of the global plastics industry, as the only Latin American organization that was part of The New Plastics Economy from its foundation, to later take the Plastics Pact to Chile as the third country in the world to formalize that instance. On the other hand, we were protagonists in the adoption of best practices in the design, use and reuse of plastics.

We played an active role in the creation of the SDG Action Manager, as a concrete way of connecting the business sector with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) agenda, and in recent years we have played an active role in the global climate action agenda, helping to integrate the circular economy with climate action, ESG criteria and compliance with the SDGs.

In parallel, from private practice we have accumulated experience in facing and anticipating disruptions, generating sustainable growth strategies, managing stakeholders and implementing cultural changes.

This diversity of experiences gives us a holistic, expansive and inclusive perspective. From this diversity, we created Manuia.


Gonzalo Muñoz

Verónica de la Cerda

Daniel Vercelli

Rodolfo Poblete

Victoria Duque

Daniela Lerario

Bernardita Mancilla

Paula Guerra

Gaspar Guevara

Haschly Bastidas

Felipe Briones

Marilia Santos

Valentina Flores

Cristián Godoy

Carol Hoth

Julia Luchesi

Magdalena Morales

Sebastián Muñoz

Francisca Navarro

Francisca Riveros

Fernanda Rojas

Natalia Sierra

Renata Rodrigues