Why Manuia?

The variables have increased. Strategy, commercial execution and financial strength coexist in the equation with the performance of companies towards the environment and communities. Generating triple impact is the mission of this era. 

Generating prosperity in the broadest sense of the word is a new path. Collaborative. Where business and purpose are intertwined. Where the answers do not all come from within the companies.


When we started our journey, founding TriCiclos in early 2009, it seemed like a kind of chimera to imagine that companies should develop with the triple bottom line at the center. For that reason, we started experimenting with ourselves, and we evolved in a surprising way, helping to redefine the logic of prosperity itself.

That is why, from the point of view of nature, we feel part of the logic of the evolution of the species. Just like other living beings, we have grown, mutated, transformed and expanded our capabilities, while the environment in which we move has also changed.

The business sector today is very different from what it was in the early years of this century, the demands have increased, the level of awareness has grown and expectations are increasingly aligned with the concept of a triple bottom line. Sustainability now plays a key role in aspects of business competitiveness. We have seen how our clients have been improving, and many times we ourselves have been agents of change to foster this evolution. On the other hand, our evolution has also had to do with those interactions that we have promoted for ourselves. In these twelve years we have been privileged to be connected with the vanguard in the creation of sustainable trends for the business world. This led us to accompany the global trend in circular economy from privileged spaces in the World Economic Forum, together with William McDonough, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, PACE, Scale360, UNIDO and many other instances.

In turn, we actively participated in the evolution of the global plastics industry, as the only Latin American organization that was involved in The New Plastics Economy from its foundation, to later bring to Chile the Plastics Pact as the third country in the world to formalize that instance. We were also involved in the globalization of the B Companies and in the creation of Sistema B, having been the first B company outside North America, and having participated in multiple developments and initiatives of the B economy. For example, we had an active role in the creation of the SDG Action Manager, as a concrete way to connect the business sector with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) agenda. And in recent years we have played an active role in the global climate action agenda, helping in turn to integrate the circular economy, with climate action, ESG criteria and SDG compliance.

The theory of “descent with modification” says that beings learn from their environment, their body becomes more specialized and mutates into a new, more capable being. This represents TriCiclos not only through being recognized as a pioneer in the development of the circular economy with the clean points project, but also in the constant development of new capabilities, such as the Re App, the Circular Market project and alliance, Retorna, and others. With these tools we are now better prepared to be a more concrete contribution to the applied circular economy. This is how MANUIA was born, an Easter term to define prosperity.


El mundo privado tiene un rol insustituible y urgente en la solución de los desafíos más apremiantes que enfrenta la humanidad, a través de sus propias actividades. El éxito de las empresas no existirá sin contribuir al éxito del Planeta. Están encadenados de manera dependiente.

La competitividad y éxito de largo plazo se juega de manera cada vez más crítica en la cancha de ESG. La nueva ecuación de rentabilidad incorpora esas variables, y su impacto es mucho más que reputacional. Por eso mismo, una estrategia de negocios que no incorpore esas variables quedará corta. Y una ejecución desalineada no logrará capturar todo el valor de corto y largo plazo.


At Manuia we help companies of all sizes, sectors and territories to connect and anticipate the changes that are occurring around the world; allowing them to recognize these processes in time, understand them and adapt to them, reducing their exposure to risk and exploring the opportunities that these changes may offer. At Manuia we know that to achieve this, companies need to reflect on these changes at all levels, integrating them into the way they understand the environment, and assigning them the due relevance that these aspects have. This is where we believe the greatest challenge lies. As it happens with living beings, we know that sustainability is a culture, and when it is foreign to you, you need someone who is a native to translate, show and teach it to you.

Like any culture, companies need experts and support methodologies to learn how to detect the areas that are material to them, measure the changes, translate them into metrics, manage them and turn them into opportunities.

Manuia’s team is composed of those professionals who are able to accompany in this process, always thinking of taking this conversation from the head of the organization and aspiring that the result is reflected from the work with their suppliers to the value they add to their customers and various stakeholders.

Manuia uses its own methodologies and those of third parties in order to give the maximum rigor to the customer support services. In this way we are creating a new category in strategic consulting services.